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Empire's Cradle

The Journal of Ironfoot

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11 March
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"...Because he knew love once, and lost it, he
sketched one map on his floor where he stood and one in the sky above, until he had drawn
between them a world of mysteries and wonders, a world of things to love and of those in love.
But when they put their hands towards him, he drew away; when he put his hands on them,
they were cold and still. In his frustration, he tightened his grip to take satisfaction by force:
a load shot to nowhere, a stranglehold on beauty, clenched fists battering down his creation,
until there was nothing left but himself again."
- Carl Gustav Horn, reviewing End of Evangelion

So uh, I'm 20, procrastinator extreme, lover of Evangelion, Mega Man, and other things. I'm a sophomore at Springfield Technical Community College. So yeah, this is my journal. Poke your nose about, I probably wont notice/care.
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